Project Latitude experiences, journeys and adventures are different…

Boutique service: Enjoy a highly personalised experience at every stage of the journey. We only deliver a small number of projects per year to select clients so we pay extra attention to the little details that make all the difference and ensure exceptional experiences.

Transformational experiences: Transform more than just your social media feed. Work with us to create your objectives, and make every journey or adventure a truly personal and memorable experience that brings you lasting, positive change.

Expert guidance: Each journey is delivered by industry-leading experts in transformational change – with backgrounds in coaching, psychology, education, military leadership and adventure training. Not only will you enjoy a unique and unforgettable project, but you’ll have all the tools to grow personally and enhance yourself.

Bespoke Projects: Project Latitude never delivers the same project twice. Your experience will be carefully crafted from scratch and will be designed entirely around your brief. In particular, we will tailor the destination, activities, and style of adventure around your stated transformational objectives.

Team ethos: We don’t offer all-inclusive luxury holiday packages… we co-create experiences based on your desired objectives or outcomes. We are your team. Together you will share in the challenges and rewards of your project to create the kind of memories, experiences and connections money can’t buy.

‘No limits’ approach: Project Latitude takes a ‘no-limits’ approach in the way we conceptualise each project. We are adventurers at heart. If the prospect of doing something you’ve never done before, in a place you’ve never been to is the sort of thing that gets your blood pumping – we’re the perfect partners for your next big adventure.


The idea of Project Latitude finds its roots in an overland journey that took us (Howard and Lewis) from our homes in the snow-capped Swiss Alps to the sand dunes of the Sahara. Armed with little more than a beat-up old Subaru, a road atlas, and an overzealous sense of optimism, we embarked on a 6,000km, two-month road trip. Throughout this extraordinary journey, we discovered the transformative state of “flow” that compassionate and open living can cultivate.

The slow and methodical pace of life we adopted made us more alert to the present moment, more appreciative of smaller pleasures, and more intentional in the way they communicated with one another and the people we encountered. We found that we were able to shake off the anxieties and negative thought cycles of our ‘normal’ lives, and engage with the world with enhanced clarity and purpose.

Navigating the twists and turns, highs and lows, (and one or two near-death experiences), we realized that alongside our outer journey through the mountains and wilderness of France, Spain and Morocco, another inner journey was taking place. This one within.

Eventually we reached our dunes. But the achievement of reaching the goal, of leaving our footprints in the hot sand of the Sahara, was only part of the satisfaction. In truth, it was the spontaneous adventures that lined our path that marked us the most: breaking bread with remote Berber shepherds, summiting the tallest peaks in the High Atlas, sharing our drives with fellow travellers, and making our daily batch of camp-stove bread. Like an unshakeable grain of sand in a shoe, the transformational power of this journey has stuck with us ever since.

The dream was born. We now want others to experience this transformation, to share this experience. We brought together like-minded people who share our philosophy – all experts in their fields – to help other people have mind-blowing, life-altering, soul-enriching, trajectory-changing, self-realizing experiences. It’s about drawing people out of their daily, ordinary lives and giving them something extraordinary – something unique and special – something more valuable than any object can possibly be.

Project Latitude is the product of that vision. Today we work with a select number of discerning clients, who understand the value of stepping into the unknown. Only one question remains: What will you find?


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