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Privacy Policy



This Privacy Policy outline the manner in which we utilise any personal information gathered from you, adhering to the regulations set forth by EU/UK data protection laws.

For the purposes of this policy, references to “we,” “our,” and “us” pertain to Adventura Expeditions Sàrl, trading as Project Latitude. References to “you” and “your” pertain to any Client, participant in our Projects or other visitor to our website.

Project Latitude is a specialised service provider of high-end transformational life experiences through the medium of bespoke travel and adventure. In order to deliver the highest standard of projects, our operational process requires us from time to time to collect, use and disclose our clients’ and participants’ information. In doing so, we uphold the highest standards of data protection and implement strict measures to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all data entrusted to us.

By furnishing personal information to us—either directly or by consenting to its provision by another party on your behalf—you implicitly agree to the terms outlined in this Policy governing the handling of your personal data. You thereby grant consent for us to collect, process, and disclose your personal information in accordance with the guidelines detailed herein. If the terms of this policy are not acceptable to you, it is imperative that you refrain from providing your personal information to us. However, please be aware that failure to supply personal information, or if you revoke the consent granted under this Policy, we may be unable to deliver our services to you as advertised.


We will actively collect personal information from you where it is fair, reasonable, and practical to do so in order to provide you with our services. Generally, we will collect this information when dealing with you in person, via email, telephone, or written correspondence, as well as when you engage with our website or connect with us through social media platforms.

2.1 How we collect data via our website

This site collects information from its visitors in two ways: actively and passively.

  1. Active information collection – This involves gathering data when visitors to our site fill in and send us their personal information, such as when completing registration forms, subscribing to newsletters, participating in competitions, or sending messages through provided email reply mechanisms. This includes both personally identifiable information (e.g. full names) and non-personally identifiable information (e.g., preferences regarding our site).
  1. i) Registration Information – Should you wish to receive electronic updates and information about our products and services, you will be required to provide an email address. Additionally, optional information, like how you discovered our site, may be requested during registration to enhance our services to you.
  1. ii) Feedback Information – We encourage visitors to share their comments and feedback with us via email. However, it’s important to note that email communication is not always entirely secure, so we advise exercising caution when sharing sensitive information via this channel.
  1. Passive information collection – While visiting our website,, certain technologies may passively collect information without requiring active input from visitors. This includes non-personally identifiable information such as Internet domain names, browser types, operating systems, visit timestamps, specific page views, and referring website addresses. We may link this passive data collection with personally identifiable information provided elsewhere on our site.
  1. i) Cookies – Our site uses cookies to store non-personally identifiable information temporarily (session cookies) or permanently (persistent cookies). Session cookies eliminate the need to repeatedly enter information across pages within our site. Visitors have the option to decline cookies, though this may limit access to certain content.
  1. ii) Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses – We also collect Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, which serve as unique identifiers assigned to each computer accessing the Internet. IP addresses help us gather data similar to that obtained through cookies, facilitating server problem identification, demographic analysis, and site functionality enhancements.

2.2 How we collect your data through other channels

We collect information via various channels, including phone calls, emails, in-person meetings, social media interactions, and inquiries made by travel agents acting on your behalf.

2.3 Information Regarding Others

If you provide information about individuals other than yourself (e.g. individuals for whom you are booking a Project or any Participants), you must ensure that they understand how their information will be used and that they have consented to you providing us with their information, and for you to allow us and our service providers to use it in accordance with this policy.


The type of personal information we collect is essential for planning, preparing and delivering the services within your Contract. To ensure the safe provision of our services, we may gather personal data that falls under sensitive categories according to EU/ UK data protection laws, particularly for the purposes of risk management in remote areas and emergency preparedness, including medical emergencies.

3.1 Personal Information

Generally, the information we collect about you is the information needed to successfully deliver the Project. This includes first and last name, address, contact numbers, email addresses, passport details, emergency contacts, and other pertinent details related to the Project. Additionally, when you engage with us for other purposes, such as providing feedback, we may gather further personal information relevant to those interactions.

3.2 Sensitive Information

Under certain circumstances, we may request sensitive personal information as defined by EU/UK data laws. This may encompass nationality, fitness routine, dietary preferences, physical and mental health details. For instance, all Participants within our Projects undertake to complete a medical questionnaire and declaration covering any medications, allergies, medical, surgical and psychiatric history. This information is crucial for conducting comprehensive medical risk assessments and preparing for minimising the risk of medical emergencies, and ensuring Participants’ safety during activities. 


Our policy is to gather information essential for offering advice on our company, products, and services, and fulfilling our obligations under your Contract. However, in certain situations we may also utilise your information for alternative purposes, such as participation in consumer research, competitions, or feedback submissions.

4.1 Implied Consent

By continuing to engage with our services or providing us with personal information (or authorising another individual to do so on your behalf), you implicitly consent to us collecting and using your data in accordance with this policy. Additionally, where permissible under local data protection laws, your information may be used for related secondary purposes that we believe you would reasonably expect. These purposes, along with directly related secondary purposes, may include:

  1. Maintaining Client Relationships:
    1. i) Establishing and managing client profiles to document communication history, preferences, and interests, thereby facilitating the provision of relevant information and support.
  1. ii) Market Research: Engaging in customer satisfaction surveys and feedback analysis.
  • iii) Booking Management: Facilitating transport and accommodation arrangements.
  1. iv) Medical Screenings: Conducting detailed risk assessments of participants’ fitness for planned activities.
  1. v) Research and Analysis: Mapping trends and preferences to enhance product and service offerings.
  1. vi) Internal Operations: Accounting, administration, and regulatory compliance.
  • vii) Fraud Prevention: Identifying and mitigating fraudulent activities or errors.
  • viii) Legal Compliance: Fulfilling obligations mandated by law, such as health and safety protocols and enforcement of legal rights.
  1. Promotional Marketing: – Occasionally, we may employ your personal information to deliver targeted marketing and promotional materials regarding products and services we believe may interest you. EU/UK data protection laws may necessitate opting in to receive such communications. These marketing materials may include:
    1. i) Electronic Marketing: E-newsletters, emails, SMS, MMS, and instant messages.
    2. ii) Direct Marketing: Leaflets, brochures, and postal correspondence.
  • iii) Telephone Calls: Contact via phone for promotional purposes.

Should you wish to cease receiving marketing materials via electronic channels, you can opt out at any time by following unsubscribe instructions. For opting out of market research or other forms of communication, please refer to the contact details provided below.

We will not sell or distribute your personal information to external entities for marketing purposes. In cases of partnership marketing activities involving Project Latitude and other companies, you will have the choice of receiving updates from all involved parties. 

4.2 Promotional Material

Project Latitude reserves the right to use any photographs and images captured during its Projects for promotional purposes, including brochures, website content, social media marketing, and other relevant promotional materials. This includes material captured by permanent staff, Facilitators or any materials forwarded by the Participants.


We are committed to the purpose limitation, integrity, and confidentiality of your personal information. Access to your data is restricted to authorised individuals and strictly limited to the necessary of a given situation. For instance, while personal identification details may be shared to acquire permits for your destination from regulatory bodies, medical declarations, deemed non-essential in such instances, would not be shared.

5.1 Persons with access

The persons who will where necessary have access to your information may include but are not limited to:

  1. Employees of Project Latitude: Our permanent staff act as Data Controllers, implementing organisational measures to ensure purpose limitation. They authorise the use of personal information solely for specified, explicit, and legitimate purposes outlined in this Policy.
  1. Medical Advisors: In cases where an individual’s medical declaration, submitted via our medical questionnaire, requires further evaluation, Project Latitude employees may forward the declaration to our Medical Advisor. The Medical Advisor uses this information, along with any other pertinent data, to assess physical and mental health, provide medical risk mitigation advice, recommend medical equipment or supplies, and guide our risk management protocol. This process may involve additional email and phone discussions.
  1. Facilitators, Instructors, Guides, or Consultants: To adhere to Project Latitude’s risk management policy, certain sensitive and/or personal data may be shared with our Facilitators or any contracted guides, or consultants. These individuals, contracted by Project Latitude, adhere to the terms outlined in this Policy.
  1. Government Organizations, such as National Parks: In situations where your travel itinerary includes restricted areas or regions, we may need to share essential personal information with relevant government organisations to obtain the required permits for accessing those regions/areas.

Information provided to Project Latitude via verbal communication, email, electronic correspondence, or website forms is stored across various digital platforms. Access to these platforms is restricted to authorised Project Latitude personnel, safeguarded by encryption, and subject to routine monitoring for potential breaches. Digital copies of information and communications are retained by Project Latitude for a duration of 10 years from the last update to ensure accessibility and compliance in legal proceedings. Paper copies of relevant data, when necessary, are securely managed by approved Project Latitude staff and disposed of when no longer required. Payment information submitted through Project Latitude’s website is not stored and remains inaccessible to Project Latitude staff.


Project Latitude prioritises the security of your personal and sensitive information and actively monitors its information systems for any signs of misuse. Access to information held by Project Latitude is limited to approved staff members and relevant third parties, and whenever possible, shared data is anonymized or stripped of context. In the event of potential data breaches or unauthorised access, Project Latitude is committed to promptly informing all affected clients. The Project Latitude website is hosted on a secure platform certified through, and all information submitted through website forms is encrypted for added protection.


If you suspect unauthorised information collection or believe that third-party data was shared with Project Latitude without your consent, please contact us. You have the right to request access to your personal information held by Project Latitude, with any amendments subject to legal constraints or proof of identity. However, modifications or removal of personal data may hinder Project Latitude’s ability to fulfil contractual obligations and could lead to contract termination. Should you require adjustments to this policy or the format of your data, Project Latitude will strive to accommodate reasonable requests, such as providing large text or easily translatable formats.


For enquiries, please email us at [email protected]. Office hours may vary due to project and travel commitments, but we will be glad to provide you with an answer as soon as we are able. The Data Controller, Howard McDonald, can be contacted using the same details.


Periodically, we update this policy, and any revisions will be posted on our website at It is your responsibility to stay informed about any changes, and we encourage you to review this policy regularly.